Due to the current epidemiological situation in Montenegro and unfortunately all over the world, a large number of people need the Corona test. There are several reasons; sometimes it is travel to the countries where it is mandatory, back to job and similar…

Arriving for a first time in unknown country, the first people you will meet are courteous airport staff and, of course, taxi drivers. During the transfer from the airport in Podgorica, our friendly drivers will provide you with all the necessary instructions and information. One of the most common questions is: Do I have to leave tips in Montenegro?

If you are looking for accommodation close to airport Podgorica check this list. We found for you some of the most interesting places. Compare their prices - conditions and try to find best deal for you. Number of hotels, private rooms and apartments in vicinity of airport of Podgorica is unfortunately very limited. Probably the, proximity to the city center is the reason for this.

Montenegro is a mountainous country with no motorways. The first highway is under construction, and it is expected that the road from Podgorica to Kolasin will be opened by the end of 2019. All main roads are mostly curvy two-way routes, all the time up and down through mountains. All taxi transfers starting from Podgorica airport to any city in Montenegro are performed on such routes.

Holidays should give us the time when we need to be relieved of all the worries and problems. However, a large number of our taxi drivers who are providing transfers from Podgorica airport have heard about the problems of clients who have pets. Who does not like the animals, he does not like the people, and they say so.


Montenegro has long been recognized as an excellent tourist destination. Unfortunately, since it had been a part of Yugoslavia for several decades, as a republic, since its independence in May 2006 the name Montenegro became international. Podgorica Airport is the main airport in Montenegro, and it is located 12 kilometers south of the city center, towards Skadar Lake.

Unfortunately, Montenegro is the only country in the Balkans that does not have a highway, but that will change soon. As a prosperous tourist destination, and a country that generates huge revenues from tourism, Montenegro has finally begun to think about this problem. But not just to think, works on the construction of this most demanding construction project in the history of Montenegro began in May 2015. 

How does taxi transport in Montenegro work, who are private entrepreneurs and what are the companies? How to decide which model of transportation is your best option? Is there any significant difference between them? Is there illegal taxi transportation in Podgorica and or in the rest of Montenegro?

Every trip has its own charms. Every trip, whether it's business or private, is one new experience, and you always you are back with new memories. But unfortunately, sometimes some unforeseen things happen. Thanks to staff and airport workers at the airports all around the world, every day thousands of bags do not arrive at their destination together with their owners. 

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