In order to satisfy all transportation needs of our clients, we want to inform you that we are still operating. We continue to provide reliable transfers through Montenegro and the region, but with additional epidemiological measures, to ensure your safety and good health during the voyage in our vehicles.

What We Do to Protect You from Covid 19 While Travel with Us

To ensure your health and safety providing transportation from/to Podgorica airport, or any other ride in Montenegro or region, we are doing following:

  • The driver is obliged to wear a protective mask on his face, during your welcome at the airport, as well as during the entire ride. A face mask is mandatory to wear, and the driver can only take it off when crossing the border, due to police identification.
  • Vehicles are cleaned and sanitized regularly, after each transfer. For this purpose, proven means are used, based on alcohol with more than 70%.
  • Any driver who has symptoms similar to Covid 19 infection is excluded, and referred for examination by his doctor. In the case he is positive for the Corona virus, he starts working when he recovers and attaches a negative test.
  • Ventilation of the car while driving is desirable, of course if meteorological conditions allow it. The windows on the vehicle will be lowered to the extent that they do not endanger the comfort of the ride.
  • Keeping physical distance as much as possible. Passengers are required to sit in the back seat of the taxi. An exception is allowed only if four people are traveling together.
  • Driver will provide you with all Corona (Covid 19) information and measures that are currently valid in Montenegro.

Obligations of Passengers - Service Users

  • It is forbidden to travel with us if you are a Covid positive, or you have Corona flu symptoms. The driver has the right to refuse all such transfers, and not to drive.
  • You are required to wear a face mask in the vehicle. You have to sit in the back seat of the car.
  • You are obliged to put paper handkerchiefs, drunk bottles of water, and similar things in a special plastic bag.
  • When entering a taxi car, you are obliged to disinfect your hands properly. There is an appropriate antiviral protection in the vehicle.

Currently Valid Covid 19 Measures in Montenegro

As everywhere in the world, the situation with the corona virus is also changeable and unpredictable in Montenegro. Epidemiological measures are not always the same for all cities in Montenegro. It depends on the number of infected people on the territory of the municipality and the number of inhabitants. You can get the most accurate information from the government website: Corona Virus Measures and Recommendations in Montenegro

We will list some of the general rules and obligations that certainly will be mandatory for a longer period of time.

  • You are obliged to wear a face mask outdoors and indoors at the territory of all Montenegro. That is valid for all persons, except for a kid up to 5 years old. Face mask is not mandatory at the beaches and in national parks, respecting physical distance.
  • Physical distance of 2 meters is mandatory between the persons at public space.
  • All public gatherings, celebrations, events such as: Weddings, Birthdays, Funerals, Baptisms and similar are prohibited ...
  • All types of sports competitions are held without the presence of the audience.